CodeNext and non-conforming uses explained

CodeNEXT will make many homes in older neighborhoods such as Heritage nonconforming.  CodeNEXT defines for R2C (SF zoning for most of central Austin) Structure placement Structure height Top plate (i.e. bottom of roof line) height Pool placement Carport placement Lot sizes and widths If your house is zoned R2C and is Within 5’ of neighbor’s property … Continue reading CodeNext and non-conforming uses explained

HNA president’s comments at CodeNext hearing

Heritage Neighborhood Association president Gretchen Flatau presented these comments at the public hearings before the Planning and Zoning and Platting commissions on May 1. Hello and thank you for this opportunity to address you. My name is Gretchen Flatau and I am president of the Heritage Neighborhood Association. The Heritage Neighborhood, located in central Austin … Continue reading HNA president’s comments at CodeNext hearing


You've probably had an infestation or at least seem them climbing along the roof edges and fence tops.  Rattus rattus are commonly called climbing rats or roof rats.  Though originally from Asia they have spread around the world along with human colonization.  They have been in the US for hundreds of years.  You might say … Continue reading Rats!