“Reminiscences of the Heritage neighborhood” by Anne Olivia Boyer, 1993.
Anne interviews Myrle Penn, whose family used to own the land that constitutes much of the current neighborhood.
Reminiscences – page 1
Reminiscences – page 2

“Gypsy Grove” by Charles Brian Owen, 1995.
Charles dives into the meaning behind the ‘Gypsy Grove’ name for the northeastern part of our neighborhood.
Gypsy Grove – page 1
Gypsy Grove – page 2

“An early neighborhood gardener: Anita M. Miller” by Anne Olivia Boyer, 1995.
Anne finds a 1908 article in The Garden Magazine by one of our early residents. Good information on how to keep cowboys from riding their horses across your lawn!
Neighborhood gardener – page 1
Neighborhood gardener – page 2

“If walls could whisper” by Robert Mace and Wendy Weiss, 1993.
Robert and Wendy go to the Austin History Center to discover what they can find out about their little house and are able to trace occupants back to the (very) late 1800s. Advice on what you can do to research the history and occupants of your house.
If walls could whisper

“Comanches strike near Heritage neighborhood!” by Charles Brian Owen, 1994.
Charles investigates the colorful history of Seiders Springs to the northwest of our neighborhood.
Comanches strike

“Jane McCallum: Heritage neighborhood’s suffragette” by Charles Brian Owen, 1994.
You’ve whet your appetite on the historical marker in front of this neighborhood bed and breakfast. Now read more about this famous former resident.
Heritage neighborhood’s suffragette – page 1
Heritage neighborhood’s suffragette – page 2

“An Architect Whose Work Stood Out, Even if She Did Not,” By David W. Dunlap, NY Times, 2013. Natalie De Blois, profiled in this NY Times article, resided on 32nd St. in Heritage for many years while she taught at UT. Her efforts to roll back zoning in our neighborhood were instrumental in protecting its residential character at a time when many were ready to let it fall to apartment house development.