You can comment on the CodeNext draft map until July 7th.  You don’t need to register or sign in to comment on the map.  Simply enter specific comments about the proposed zoning on a specific parcel, or you can enter general comments.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the CodeNext draft map link
  2. Enter an address where it says “Select location” above the map or navigate to a location that you’d like to comment on.  If you’re entering comments on a specific address make sure the address you want to comment on is correct.  Be careful as the website seems to want to change the location you click on.  Comment in the box that says Please enter comments about the proposed zoning on a specific parcel or zoning district here.  You can comment as you like, for example “allowing a multiplex here is inappropriate” or “this property will be nonconforming if the intermediate setback is assigned.”
  3. If you prefer to enter comments where it says Please enter any general comments on the proposed zoning here, you can be more general.  It is probably a good idea to click on an address within Heritage if you’re commenting about Heritage’s proposed zoning.  You can get ideas about what to post from the excellent letters, online posts, and comments on the petition.  These or similar comments can be entered in the textbox.
  4. Entering your contact information is optional.  When you are finished, click “Submit.”

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