CodeNEXT will make many homes in older neighborhoods such as Heritage nonconforming. 

CodeNEXT defines for R2C (SF zoning for most of central Austin)

  • Structure placement
  • Structure height
  • Top plate (i.e. bottom of roof line) height
  • Pool placement
  • Carport placement
  • Lot sizes and widths

If your house is zoned R2C and is

  • Within 5’ of neighbor’s property line
  • Within 15’ of a side street
  • Within 25’ of front property line
  • Within 10’ of the back property line
  • If your house has a carport, it cannot be closer to the street than the front of the house
  • Has a top plate that higher than 22’
  • Is taller than 32’
  • The lot is less than 5,000 sq. ft.
  • If you have a pool that is In front of the house, less than 13’ from a side street, 3’ from the side property line or less than 8’ from the back property line

It will be nonconforming under CodeNEXT

See the attached brochure for more information!

R2C Nonconforming brochure


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